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Brett Miller


Actor, Musician, Singer, Dancer




Brett is a New York-based Actor, Musician, Singer and Dancer. Born and raised just outside of Charleston, West Virginia, Brett grew up fascinated by storytelling. He pursued many forms of storytelling; learning piano, guitar, dance, writing, and eventually acting in his senior year of high school.


The theater bug had bit him late, but nonetheless he auditioned for Musical Theater programs and was accepted into Marymount Manhattan College and graduated in the class of 2021 with a BA in Theater Arts with a focus in Musical Theater and a minor in Arts Management.

Brett is a founding member of Official Sidekick Productions, a theater troupe that specializes in original and parody works. In their first production, Birds and Bats, he composed, music directed, choreographed, and played Jason Todd. Their website and links to their socials and YouTube (where all of their work can be seen) can be found here.


When he's not acting, Brett can be found writing music, consuming as much Star Wars content as possible, as an occasional guest playing video games on stream at, or writing and running his Star Wars Dungeons and Dragons campaign with his roommates.

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Latest work

Before joining the cast of Friends the Musical Parody Off-Broadway at The Theater Center,

Brett could be found recently singing and acting in scenes from The Journey Home, a new musical written by father/daughter duo Hannah Herbert-Hunt and Keith Herbert. The two of them have been slowly filming the scenes and songs using actors over zoom throughout the pandemic as a virtual workshop, and recently had their Act One Finale sung by a full group (including Brett) in person for the first time. Brett has been consistently portraying the character of Leo. You can see a scene and song from the show including Brett and Hannah to the left. For more information on the show, you can visit their Patreon by using the link below.

Latest Work


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